Monthly Archive: March 2016

The Call aka finding out you’re a RWA Golden Heart® finalist

Good Friday was exceptionally good for me, because I got the call—or at least, one of them.

I woke up, looked at the date and thought, “Hey, it’s Rita® and Golden Heart® finalist announcement day.” And I just knew that I would not be on the list. I went about my business, enjoying the fact that my husband had the day off. During my morning snuggle with the dog, the phone rang. It was in my pocket, and of course, I fumbled it, ending the call. No biggie. I didn’t recognize the number. Dang telemarketers. Right? It rang again, almost immediately. Sigh, same unknown number. I answered, with a distinct chill in my voice. (It was early, okay? And I’d only had a few sips of my personality-soothing coffee.) My caller, Cynthia D’Alba, told me her name and my foggy little brain said, “Hey, I know that name.” Then, I heard “RWA” and started squealing.

The dog ran away, my husband sat up, and my two sons came running. I guess I made quite the picture, since Oldest felt compelled to reenact my wacky dance at Easter Dinner.

In case you are reading this and are saying to yourself, “What the heck is a golden heart?” and “Who is Rita?”, let me explain. The Rita award and the Golden Heart are Romance Writers of America’s top awards for published and unpublished works, respectively. They are the Oscars for our world. My novel, CONSTANT CRAVING, is a finalist in the Paranormal category.

So please forgive me if I am goofier than usual. I’m still floating on air and the oxygen is a bit thin up here.